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BreachPop by P3D Solutions
Breaching of a door using Breachop

P3D Solutions designs and manufactures innovative equipment for US and allied security and fighting forces. With our end-user background and direct line of communication to the users of today and tomorrow through continued service in those same communities, P3D Solutions can listen and incorporate additional needs into our products.

About BreachPop by P3D Solutions


P3D Solutions

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Breacher App

An application that can be used on all phones, tablets and computers. Quickly calculates N.E.W. and MSD for charges and allows you to save and catalog breach reports, including photos.


Medic Tool App

Medic Tool is a full spectrum medical application for medics and first responders working worldwide in all environments. The app is based on tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) guidelines and procedures.


Planning. Protocols. Casualty Registration. Reporting. Casualty Handover Reporting. Prolonged Field Care.

Medic Tool P3D solutions


Available in various lengths, each container holds the your appropriate explosive, with tamping technology  for reduced net explosive weight (NEW) charge.


Cool Gear

From BreachPop hats, t-shirts and additional breaching accessories- visit our online store.

BreachPop Hat
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