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BreachPop by P3D Solutions
Breacher App on mobile phone

Allows the quick calculation of your N.E.W. and MSD using a series of dropdown menus including all commonly available explosives such as C1-C6, 15-100gr Det Cord, 300-5400gr ACE, C4 bulk and slip on boosters.

Save your calculations as a Breach Report with embedded pictures and notes regarding target type, charge type, date, locations, etc.

Can be installed on Android, iPhone, tablets, iPads and computers.

Watch the BreacherApp install video below, then click the link and get the Breacher App for your device!

BreachPop Breacher App





  • How To Install The Breacher App Onto Your Android

  • How To Install The Breacher App Onto Your IOS Device

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A short video, where CEO Justin Green, explains and demonstrates how the product works using our testing environment.

See Our Product In Action

  • Why Was BreachPop Created?
    An idea was introduced during a relevant training course utilizing a compact, water tamped door charge. More specifically, a thawed freezer popsicle was taped to the back of a charge for tamping purposes, which worked remarkably well. While freezer pops are tactically impractical, the idea stuck, and an operationally feasible version was to become the first product offered by P3D Solutions: cue the BreachPop. BreachPop has several key features that have made it a success wherever tested and shown. Starting with the premise of creating a reduced net explosive weight (NEW) charge utilizing tamping, initial testing showed the ability to half the NEW necessary to create the same effect at the breach point. The next step was to simplify the charge building process. With a premeasured charge container, and crystal-clear instructions, the basic charges can be constructed in under two minutes with no special knowledge beyond basic explosives handling. The final goal of interfacing with current gear was easily achieved by utilizing a standard M4 magazine pouch to model exterior dimensions. An M4 magazine pouch will hold three of the standard BreachPops or a single Magnum BreachPop, allowing Assaulters and Operators to continue to run their existing gear without modification. To sum it up, the overarching goal for the BreachPop was to meet the following criteria: Reduced N.E.W. – Water-gel tamping reduces the necessary N.E.W. by half or more. Reduced Blast Overpressure - The water-gel tamping medium absorbs up to 60% of the overpressure generated by the charge. Utilize Existing Fighting Systems – Fits in STANAG magazine pouches; M4, SCAR, HK416, etc. User Friendliness – Quick and easy preparation, with single procedural approach in all versions. Contact us to day to learn more details and to see if we are a fit for your military unit or police department.
  • Who can order BreachPops?
    Sales of the BreachPop by P3D Solutions is limited to Law Enforcement and Military of US and allied countries. Contact us for specific requirements and restrictions based on your location.
  • How Do I Order BreachPop?
    Orders are placed directly with us offline, once we establish more information about you and your intended usage and verification. Contact us via email.
  • Do BreachPops contain any explosives?
    NO! The BreachPop can be shipped and carried with no explosive-related restrictions as it is up to the end user to load their explosives into the explosive charge container prior to use.
  • Do you have any shot data related to the BreachPops effectiveness on actual doors?
    Target data is available in the form of an information presentation. A more detailed shot log will be made available to customers who purchase BreachPop. We will continue to update and publish shot data as more is gathered. Ultimately, the end user is responsible for conducting training shots to ensure they have valid data based on differences in doors across the country and the world. For example, while the BreachPop #2 IDC provides a positive breach on the US interior doors it has been tested on, locking mechanism construction differences have shown them to NOT provide a 100% positive breach on European interior doors when placed in the same manner. It is imperative you have trained and breached essentially the same target, multiple times, prior to using the BreachPop in a live operation.

Create Breach Reports That Can be Saved

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