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BreachPop by P3D Solutions

Reducing Repetitive Sub-Concussive Injuries in Training with the BreachPop

When I started down the path to build what is now known as the BreachPop, I just wanted to build a tamped, shaped charge container to make me a more efficient assaulter.

  • Fits in a magazine pouch? Check.

  • Shortens MSD? Check.

  • Faster to build than standard charges? Double-Check.

Little did I realize (at the time) that by shortening MSD, and tamping with a water-polymer gel, I was also significantly reducing the overpressure generated! While not as sexy of a topic as operationally popping my BreachPop out of an M4 pouch, capping in, and blowing it with a CGS Pandora firing device from six feet away… it’s arguably more important to our longevity in the game.

In a generic poll of my friends (seasoned SWAT cops, Green Berets, SEALs, and even a few Tier 1 guys) the consensus was we blow 500+ charges in training for every one we blow operationally. Those who do this for a living and have done it for more than ten minutes (or ten years…) know those little hits add up. My anecdotal research is supported by Dr. Christopher Freuh...

Excerpt from - The Briefing, by Thomas Lojek, January 2023.

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