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BreachPop by P3D Solutions

(Verb) make a gap in and break through (a wall, barrier, or defense).


(Noun) frozen flavored water in a clear plastic wrapper; a popsicle.


(Verb) To push, put, or thrust suddenly or (noun) briefly a sharp explosive sound

What is BreachPop Used For?

BreachPop was specifically designed for US and Foreign Military, and Law Enforcement's explosive breaching operations.

Our product allows you to quickly, effectively & safely breach locked doors with reduced N.E.W., minimizing overpressure.

BreachPop #1

BreachPop was created by P3D Solutions, who design and manufacture innovative equipment for US and allied security and fighting forces. They bring professional solutions to professional problems. 

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BreachPop, Inc

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We currently handle distribution in the USA and Asia. We also have distribution partners in Australia, Canada, the UK, and Europe.

Our Global Distribution

Contingencies Training Group

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Our Strategic Partners

The following partners utilize BreachPops in the training and operational environments. They have industry-disrupting technology and training, and are leading the way in safe, effective and relevant breaching, keeping in line with the P3D Solutions motto of “Professional Solutions to Professional Problems.”

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P3D Solutions, Inc is proud to affiliate themselves with Guild Solutions Group. The Guild Solutions Group is a consortum of highly trained professionals, which provides comprehensive training solutions for real world problems. "Guild Solutions Group is proud to sponsor with cutting edge companies such as P3D Solutions to provide innovative life saving products to the end user". Attending a Guild course will provide you with a license key to the P3D Solutions, Inc Breacher App, instruction on the BreachPop® line of tamped charge casings and great instruction on the safe handling and employment of explosives.

Manufactured by K Factor Breaching, the K-Clip is a universal attachment device that provides an expedient method for priming blasting cap(s) to explosive charge material. Material is waterproof and designed to deflagrate completely. Coloration assists in low light/no light operations. No additional adhesives are needed to use the K-Clip. Each clip is identical providing a universal replacement option. P3D Solutions is proud to be a distributor of the K-Clip and capable of supporting US and International customers.

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For over 16 years, J&N Tactical has remained dedicated to professional operators and law enforcement officers worldwide, with a commitment to manufacturing the world's finest breaching tools right here in America. Continuing in that tradition, P3D Solutions and J&N Tactical partnered to create the Mk-7 Breaching Pole. The Mk-7 was designed to enhance your explosive breaching capability by keeping the operator out of harms way when utilizing low-N.E.W. BreachPop breaching charges. This product once again shows why J&N Tactical is at the forefront of breaching tools!

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BreachPop In Place on door
  • Compact

  • Portable

  • Adaptable

  • Reduce blast overpressure introduced into the environment

  • Minimizes repetitive sub-concussive injuries and TBI

  • BreachPops were designed for, and are in current use by, US SOF professionals

  • Our BreacherApp conducts explosive calculations for you and catalogs your data for later review

Why Use BreachPops?

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